Saturday, December 29, 2007

Year-ender ng Kapihan

Dalawang buwan pa lamang ang kapihan sa internet! At sa batang pag-umpisa nito, may sumagip na ring comments dito. Maraming teynks po!

Parte man ng buhay ko ang magsulat, ang pagba-blog ay bago din sa akin. Salamat sa friendster, sa multiply na kung saan ay dito ko nakita ang magandang kuwaderno sa pagsusulat. Nasilip ko lang sa shoutout sa isang friendster na may blog siya dito sa na siyang nagbigay susi sa aking buksan eto. Dito nag umpisa ang Kapihan sa Internet. Ang blog ni Inday, ang kwentong barbero, Magkape tayo ay mga blogs na naging gabay din sa baguhang blogger na eto. Salamat po sa inyo.

Di pa man siguro gaanong malayo ang dalawang buwan, pero sa pagtatapos ng taong 2007, isang tsapter din lang ang kailangang i rap-ap ng sa ganoon ay mabuksan na rin ang panibagong tsapter ng kapihan.

Ang taong 2008 sa hapon ay taong 20. Sa pagkakaalam ko, eto'y bilang ng taong pag-upo ng emperor ng Hapon. Pero sa kalendaryo ng Intsik naman, eto'y taon ng daga!

Nawa'y nakapagbigay din ng magandang kulay ang kapihan sa internet sa mga di nakikitang nagsusubaybay dito.

Sa inyong lahat, kayo ay bahagi ng kapihan at para sa bagong tsapter nito, kayo ay inspirasyon sa bagong landasin. Naway maging holsam ang susunod pang mga kabanata dito.

Maligaya at manigong bagong taon sa lahat!

Friday, December 28, 2007

God starts! New Year starts and it's God's Day! Happy God's day and New Year to all!

To all of you, I offer my prayers and wish for a brightier, more productive and prosperous, healthier and joyful year 2008.

As God started everything in this world, we call and recognize the start as God's. We start eating by prayer, we start our work with prayer, we leave our home with prayers, we arrive with prayers, we start the week with the church. Hence, let us call this start of new year as God's day!

And the new year is the year of the rat!

Happy God's day and New Year to one and all!

Making an academic proposal

I was a bit excited to read a letter consulting with me an academic opportunity that can be submitted to a university here in Japan. The person was asked to propose an academic program in the university i.e. Pilipino as a second language. What a great privilege!

To make a program proposal is not far from making a research proposal. However, a program proposal is already specific to deal on the field needed as suggested by the person, institution or sponsor.

Here is a research outline:

a. Title
b. Rationale
c. Conceptual Paradigm
d. Review of Literature
e. Methodology
f. Conclusion and Recommendation

For an academic program proposal, you can re-model it to:

Proposal Title
Program Description
General and Specific Objectives
Time period
Unit (base it on the time and weight of the course contents and objectives)
Description of the course
Materials needed
Time /Schedule

The title should carry the essence of the study. If it is a proposal of a Pilipino Language to be taught in the university, then the title can be:

"Pilipino as a Second Language: A Program Proposal"

Rationale is an introduction where the logical reasons to have a ground for the proposal should be stated, quoted and referred. It should have the impact

below are references fro rationale organizing:

Our institutional goal states that UOM will commit itself to the preparation of young individuals able to respond to the ever-changing demands of the 21st century by both inheriting and developing science and culture as the fruit of human wisdom, by exploring the profound truths of science, by preserving the natural environment that is the origin of all life, and by creating interdisciplinary programs in life science that will serve the welfare and prosperity of all humanity.


4. Contribution to internationalization of local communityAs the only National University Corporation in Miyazaki Prefecture, we play a central role in promoting international exchange at the local level, in cooperation with local entities.
5. Support for international students and researchers at UOM The Center offers international students and researchers one-stop service, and can give advice and support on any difficulties being experienced such as learning Japanese, life in Japan and academic studies.We also provide an opportunity for exchange between international and Japanese students. ( from Center fro INtl Relations of UOM )

to be cont.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Philippine Yearender ni Ka Dano

The year 2007 is full of colors, fun, excitement, surprises, struggles too and challenges in the world. But for Philippines and the Providence, as if year 2007 should never end nor fade. 2007 is a crystal clear history in the Philippine Providence and the world where it belongs.

Almost all have heard the Global Peace Festival last December 9 to 13 in Manila. Last December 14, Rev. and Mrs. Christopher B.W. Kim reported in front of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, the True Parents, about the recently conducted GPF. Elder and Dr. Hyun Jin Moon personally shared to the True Parents his experiences in the GPF Manila. Rev. Moon acknowledged it and signed several GPF posters as souvenirs of the victorious GPF on that day. That was just almost at the end of the year 2007.

Perhaps, 2007 is the year where Philippine leaders aside from their members had gone out to different mobilizations and campaigns not only on the GPF but starting from January of the year, as many events flowed. The UM Philippine National Leader Michael Zablan has toured the nation several times this year alone to offer orientation and seminar-workshops to many DepEd regional Directors, Superintendents and Supervisors too.

The special forgiveness ceremony by DMN and HJN made Tanay a very special venue to Filipinos. Others who could not make it have to rush to Cheongpyeong, S. Korea for that spec ail forgiveness ceremony.

Tanay Training Center made a fundraising campaign too for the construction of the training center. The special plate as token from the UM HQ and FFWPU was a bright one received by donors.

During the summer, leaders throughout the country went to Dagupan City and Pangasinan for an election campaign not to mention on the regular summer witnessing and educational campaign of the SHSP program of WCARP Philippines.

During the first semester, the True Love Power was initiated by Pres. Michael Zablan in Regions 1, 3, 4, NCR and other places like Iloilo and Davao cities. And during the time, the planning stage of the GPF was already seen as a big fish to catch.

Many Filipino 2nd generation children have to step in the elementary education too last June. And there were some fulltime members and leaders who were but so limited to finance the needs of their own children to go to school. A colorful soul-lution was formulated. Others were passive, a few were doubtful but some donors like three Bol-anons, one American-Filipina teacher now based in Korea, one Pinoy from Taiwan and one Pinoy based in Japan trusted and believe the scholarship program that made 5 second gen children of fulltimers went to schooling.

The July Blessing was a colorful event of thousands of couples from the general membership the homemembers, the married members including the OFW's. Seminars, witnessing and blessing preparations are so exciting to many. A few were depressed when they could not be matched too.

The ATF or Asian Task Force was also organized and a number of delegates from Philippine leaders and members was sent to USA. Ryan Ilustrisimo of Dagupan and Ulysis Dapon of Mt. Province were chosen to lead the dozens of Filipinos in the Asian teams.

ICEF as a Foundation was organized too in Asia by the Rev and Mrs. Kim, the continental directors of Asia II.

During the start of the 2nd semester, the GPF Mobilization was on its peak to tap the radio, TV programs, the U-Tube media, cyberspace, the tabloids, the trampoline on the malls' entrance doors, campuses and more in Metro Manila. The PTARP and the DepEd and CHED were rocked in the mobilization. The NSTP was a great instrument in the campaign for peace. The entertainers and personalities and their support to the voluntary campaign was tremendous. Until last Dec 9 to 13 the GPF was in a success. Others described it as a product beyond man's capacity.

The foreign-based Filipinos and members in Asia, Korea, Japan, USA and others were also contacted to help in the ways-and-means of the GPF. It was pocket-breaking to many, belt-tightening to all. But the GPF have to go on!

The USA-based Filipino blessed community made their first national convention too this year. They made resolution to augment their structure as organization and commitment to help the Philippine providence as well.

The Philippine-initiated pioneering in Pune, India became successful that the missionary sent there is now fully-based and was recntly blessed too to one of the first members in there. Kudos to Sis. Madelyn Montes.

In some local centers like Cebu Center, regional leaders initiated the repair of the physical building since it it a property. Dagupan has a lot. They have their ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of their local center. Baguio has plans to acquire a property at a good location too. Some new centers opened up this year like Marivelles center, Mt. Province center and Bacoor center in Cavite. Intramuros center in Manila and Tagudin-Ilocos Sur center were re-opened too. Several local leaders were also reshuffled and were given new missions.

Schools like UTS-Asia was modified and renamed as UPC or Universal Peace College based in Antipolo City. Sun Hwa International Academy is getting stable and self-existing so far. The New generation International School in Cavite is also fast growing as it now has its high school in its just second year of existence. They too now have their own website.

The Han-Fil (Korean-Filipino) Community based in South Korea had their election of officers too this year. They have a new president and set of officers this year.

The Family Times Online of the UM Philippines too was re-designed by our webmaster. It has now its video and download menu. Very soon, the Community Forum will open up for readers to share their comments to the posted news and related principled topics. The system of the website too is more open by now to all registered members to post their news article. These developments although the website is still looking for their contributors-writers and staff, support and finances for its operational needs.

Perhaps, there are other stars twinkling if not gems that are sparkling but unmentioned in here. My apology! Kudos to those sparkling gems and twinkling stars!

All these to wrap-up ranges from great small pebbles to huge rocks that collectively helped each other in making the Philippine Providence reach the horizon of One Family under God! Aju!

As a team, we all are part in making the greater good for 2008!

Maligayang araw ng Maylikha at manigong bagong taon sa ating lahat!

Teves-Kim: Fruits of thy labor and love

It was in early 1980's when I met Ms. Lyra Teves from PCU along Taft Avenue. I think the center that time was in Agoncillo street, in Taft, Manila. But that was when that lady was still single.
After more than a decade, I saw these pictures. I thought that the guys are just early lovers. Nonetheles, they are brother and sister to each other. What a nice kiddy/teen-pose! Or a good photographer. Or both perhaps!
And guess who they are. I can't remeber their names. But I am pretty sure they have a great mother and friend! The lady I met in PCU along Taft Avenue in Manila is their mom.
A clap to both the parents and the children!!!
Happy God's day, new year 2008 to the Teves-Kim and the KTE Journey!

Nang Birhen pa kami quinse anyos na ang nakalipas

Nang masilayan ko ang larawang eto, naalala ko na higit quinse anyos na rin pala ang nakalipas mula ng magkatuwiran ang aming landas.

Sa kabila naman, andito din ang larawan ni papang at mamang noon, nang sila'y mga birheng dalaga at binata pa noon.
Agusto 24, 1992 eto noon ng kami ay nabigyan ng blessing toast sa holy wine ceremony. Kitang kita pa rin dito ang kagandahan ng aking walang iba at nag-iisang asawa't kaibigan (kaaway din sa debatehan, minsan o kadalasan). At kita rin dito ang di ko nakasanayang ternong amerikana sa aming pag-iisang dibdib ng darling ko. Naks! (totoo naman.)

Kung pagbabalik-tanaw din lang naman, marami din ang magagandang tampok sa buhay. Isa na dito ang aming nawala ng pagkabirhen. Hahahahaha! Alangan naman na ihabambuhay ko pa ring kipkipin ang pagkabirhen namin? Kaya nga kasal e, nang maramdaman di natin ang buhay ng pag-iisa, di lang sa dibdib, kundi lahat na (bahala ka ng mag imahinasyon dyan!)

Ngunit kita din ang pagkabagay ni misis sa kanyang kulay pink na damit. Di ba? Ang ganda talaga niya dito. 180 na baliktad sa unang larawang nakuha ko ng ako'y pinagsabong na ng tadhana! Ehe!

Buti na lang at may teknolohiyang nakakabigay daan sa magandang pagbabalik-tanaw.

Para sa inyo mga anak, eto kami noon ng kami ay birhen pa ng mama nyo! Ganda't pogi namin noon ano? Hmmmm.... walang tsokoleyt pag-aangal!

Weekend Hilltop Exercises and Daily Walk

If I take a bus everyday from my apartment to my work, I would spend 400 yen or P140.00 a day.

Moreover, I won't have a time nor chance to stretch and exercise my body before and after the daily work. My routine is from 7:30 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening. After the work, I feel stressed and tired while the climate is getting lower and colder. That makes me bad to have a late afternoon exercise. Don't ask my age. Huh!

If I do the morning fast-walk from my apartment to the school office, it takes me 30 minutes to reach the place. However, my under shirt and pants would be wet by sweat. Fine if I do walk going home. I can normally change my working clothes to house-clothes. Daejuvu. But in the morning, I have to change my under shirt and pants. So, as I reached the office building, I regularly go to the comfort room to take out and change my under shirt and pants and wipe my body as well. This may be an additional part of my routine but, I think, it helped me find a little of physical balance for my body and health. The only struggle this winter time is the skin-hitting temperature in the morning when you walk at less than zero degree temperature even if the sun is rising. This is the nature of Nagano ken in Japan.

And I have a little daily savings too! Hmmm!

For the weekend exercise, I missed the weekends when my friends before would bring me and two of my kids to a natural park for a hilltop-walk. That was enjoying and fun as well as a good exercise too. A family time as well to consider. That was nice for a family who has a car too. But as we dont have any here in Japan, going to hilltop is far and difficult. Thanks to those friends who offer their time and services before.

Kuo-en or children's park is normal for weekend. The kids can throw and catch a baseball with their kid's gloves. A restore bicycle from a garbagge shed is nice to pedal as well during the weekend for an exercise. An hour or less is more than enough to stretch. At anyhow, the house chores like cleaning, laundry, "futon-sun-bathing", and other house-chores are many to accomplish during weekends too.
But how I miss by now the sports days in my life. When my kids will ask permission from me to go downstairs and have a ball game with their tomodachi at the park, I feel far from the sports. I hope I can look for a home-based workout or games to sweat and burnout some of my calories and unwanted fats.
But the daily walk is now a routine to me.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Creations, Nilalang

Ano man ang kulay, hugis o uri, pag sila'y may buhay, di lang sila mga bagay-bagay, sila'y mga nilalang galing sa Orihinal na Maylikha.
Creations, living or non-living things are part of man's life as they are around and environment man's life. They affect and even influence man so they deserve to be valued as part of humanity.
Perhaps, we have to discover the purpose of each creation. A grasshopper perhaps is an insect but as seen having a relationship with a lizard, the two varied but could still meet at a point of togetherness. They are not bounded by their classification but are open to welcome each other, seems.
Are we like them too? Colors vary, skin I mean. Citizenship vary, culture too. Can we meet to a point and embrace each other at a common point?
This is beyond polarity. Perhaps, we can be greater than a grasshopper or a lizard too in terms of relating to men and the whole world of creations.
Messages within the creations are but great to meditate and reflect on. Let there be peace and harmony between man and the creations.
December 26, 2007

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas in nature

As the day is meant to celebrate Christmas and birthday of the Lord Jesus, my limited time at work in this non-Christian country has just simply given me a shortl way to reflect the essence of the holiday.
A man and his dog is a common scenario almost daily that I could see in my walk to the school. But in this picture, a dog and a flock of ducklings straight in their walk not in the farm, but in a pavement in a civilized city is a rare one. The inset, pictures a dog laying on the ground but cheerish the presence of the filial ducklings.
Two things I can see and say from these pictures. A Christ, a parent, a leader.
The man is like a God guiding the dog, like a man, as they were together in their daily walk and activity. But the dog is not just a mere dog. Here is a dog that leads the flock of a different avis-family of animals. And the so objective ducklings which do not have a parent are trusting, giving their faith to follow the dog that leads them to unknown destiny.
The parentism of the dog is seen with the ducklings so normal to stay with the dog; even some are confident to lay on or above the tummy of the dog if not near the breast where they can have the comforting warmth of a parent.
Man, perhaps can be that natural to be open-minded, objective with the ideals of nature. When there is harmony between and among each other, peace and unity is essential to man and earth.
Wherever we may be, in or outside our own homeland, let us keep the open-mindedness to trust the new land, the culture and character of the new place.
Nature guides and Christmas is present in the nature.
December 25, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Krismas, Pasko, Christmas 2007

Sa lahat, Meri Krismas! Mahal namin kayo, ngunit ang limit ng pamilya ko'y nahihigpitan ng sinturon. Gayon pa man, nasi naming iaabot sa inyo, masayang pagdiwang ng kaarawan ni Hesus na isang modelo sa pagbibigayan kahit buhay man Niya ang kailangang maialay.

Pinagsaluhan nami'y mga regalong aming natanggap sa mga nakalipas na araw. Ginawan namin ng larawan, upang maging kard ng pasko.
Isama nyo na rin lang ang kerol na awit sa utube na eto.
Sa inyong lahat, maligayang pasko, araw ng Panginoon, at manigong bagong taon sa lahat.
allan at chiemi at limang anak

Friday, December 21, 2007

Araw ng Maylikha

Sinisindihang kandila, para ituwid ang landas ng dalangin tungo sa Maylikha! Larawan nga lamang eto, ngunit eto ang nakalarawan sa aking puso para sa inyo. Dinadalangin ko'ng di lang sa pasko kundi sa mga susunod pang mga taon, na nawa'y malusog, buhay, at makulay pa rin ang ating samahan at pakikibaka sa landas ng buhay.
May mga naging sagabal, sakuna man sa mga nagdaan, dinaanan at nalampasin din natin ang mga yon. Dasal kong mas higit pa at malakas ang pananampalataya at pakikipagsapalaran ang ating magagawa nitong darating pang taon, mga taon.
Kaligayahan sa atin at kapwa nating pamilya, kapitbahay at mga kaibigan;
Pagtatapos sa pag-aaral at mas masaganang buhay sa larangan ng propesyon o pamumuhay, di lang sa atin, pati na rin sa ating mga anak;
Sa simbahan, ang pagkakaisa, ang pagsasamahan, at pagbukas ng kani-kanilang pintuan upang salubungin ang lahat bilang isang pamilya ng Maylikha!!!
Maligayang Pasko, Maligayang araw ng Diyos! Manigong bagong taon sa ating lahat!

Banda Kawayan; Dinagyang

Iloilo City in Western Visayas has their annual cultural Dinagyang Festival. It is a parade of cultural groups presenting their thanks and traditions to the Dinagyang culture and festivities.

During the recent GPF, the Iloilo Dinagyang Cultural Dance Troupe offered their talents and skills in entertaining the crowd and peace advocates. An international Daily Times online of Pakistan covered the festival and posted this photo as it sheds colors and cultural dimension of the Global Peace Festival in Manila recently. Cheers to the Iloilo Dinagyang dance Troupe and its city government!

Kawayan is bamboo. Banda Kwayan is literally bamboo band. It is a musical band where its musical instrument is made up of pieces and or pipes of bamboos. The banda kawayan is produced and mainatained by the PUP or Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Being culturally rich, they presneted their ensemble to give delights and intermission to the IPEC and to the Pre-program of the Global Peace Festival. To the PUP Banda Kawayan, Cheers!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pasko na naman

Pasko na naman aking sinta. Kahit tayo'y magkalayo, dalangin pa rin na ating makamit adhikain ninanais.
Malusog na ngayon, matagumpay na bukas at makulay na mga pangarap. Ito'y sama-sama sa paskong panahon ng ninanais.
Pag babalik-tanawin man, kaarawan sa sabsaban ng karnero ni Hesus ay tila napakadrama. Ngunit eto'y totoo. Siguro, naman maganda na rin ang buhay natin kumpara sa mga naging buhay ng holy family ni Hesus. Kung siya's sabsaban, may mga damo at karnerong nagbigay init sa malamig na gabi. Sa kabilang dako, kung tayo'y may napulot na puedeng maging saplot, dyaket, o kumot. magandang pamasko na rin ang iyon kumpara sa damong nagbigay init sa batang Hesus. Di ba?
Regalo ng tatlong wisemen, wag ng asahan. Santa Claus at reindeer, sa mga malls at tv na lamang. Hayaang magbigay sigla sila sa mga kabataan.
Kikislap-kislap na kkrismas tree, lantern na makulay, at kankaning masasarap, kasaysayan na lamang sariwain sa kwentuhan sa mga anak.
Ngunit may mga pagkakataon, na ang ilalim ng kwentong pasko ay dumarating din. Pagbibigay pag-asa, pagserbisyo para sa iba; pagbibigayan at pagmamahalan, eto ay ating damhin at sariwain. Sa mga pagkakataon, puede natin etong muling gawin.
Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!

Gens. Esperon, Razon; singers Jay-R, FAME recieve AFP awards

Manila- The Armed Forces of the Philippines, AFP Chief of Staff, Gen. Hermogenes Esperon Jr. represented during the awarding ceremony by Gen. Alfredo Cayton Jr. of AFWP, received the prestigious Ambassador for Peace award. Equally, Philippine Natioanal Police Chief, Director General Avelino Razon Jr., thru his representative receive the same award.

During the December 12 main event of the Global Peace Festival, other civilian and personalities who helped campaign for peace in their own capacity were also recognized. Popular and fabolous singers Jay-R and Ms. Fame also received the Ambassador for Peace awards. Their singing of songs that manifests the campaign for peace are simple enough to share their part to call for unity, peace and help campaign for moral ascendancy of the youth and the entertainment world.

All the receptionists of the AFP awards stand proud and know that they can do more in their specific field to live as model in peace-building.

The awards were given to them by no other than Dr. Hyun Jin Moon and Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak of the UNiversal Peace Federation, UPF.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2nd IPEC Conference of Educators during GPF Manila

The second International Prefessors Educational Conference recntly held at the Manila Hotel as part of the broad Global Peace Festival last December 11-13 was participated by thousands of international and national educators from various parts of the world.

The Philippine Teachers’ Association for the Research of Principles (PTARP), headed by Dr. Samuel M. Salvador, hold the 2nd International Professors Educators’ Conference (IPEC) at the Manila Hotel gathering around 2,100 foreign and local top educators. The Conference theme was “Institutionalizing the Culture of Heart in the Family, Schools, and Society.”

During the Opening Ceremony held at the Manila Hotel at 9:00 am, 11 December 2007, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon addressed the pool of faculty from various universities and colleges emphasizing the culture of heart as the basic of education.

The Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education, Dr. and some representatives from the Department of Education co-hosted the IPEC as it tackled some points on Values Education.
PTARP which is the major host of the confernece aims to generate keen interest in the academe for the promotion and development of Values Education based on universal standards of morality and ethics.

The conference was co-sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation. UPF was founded in the hope of building a world in which peoples, cultures and races, religions, and nationalities live together in harmony, mutual respect cooperation and universal co-prosperity. Global Peace Festival (GPF 2007) was initiated by UPF to fulfill this vision with the theme, “One Family Under God”.

Photo News: HJN and CD report to TP

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

JDV addresses huge universal peace rally

Before a huge throng of peace advocates at the Rizal Park, Speaker Jose de Venecia declared that the “moral influence” of the great religions and dialogue among the faiths tempered by the Golden Rule ...
Speaker Jose de Venecia, addressing a huge peace rally at the Rizal Park Wednesday night, said the "moral influence of the great religions" should be brought to bear on ethnic and religious conflicts in the 21st Century and there should be dialogue among the faiths to "bring about global peace that will endure." The occasion was the Global Peace Festival 2007 Rally of the Universal Peace Federation, a global alliance of religious, academic, political and civic leaders aimed at bringing about harmony, cooperation, and shared prosperity among all peoples of the world. The Global Peace Festival attracted some of the world′s most renowned peacemakers, among them Dr. Martin Luther King III, who runs the Centre for Non–Violent Social Change founded by his martyred father, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, President of the Youth Federation for World Peace. The Federation, founded by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, is an inter–religious peace movement guided by the vision of humankind as one global family under God, called to live in accordance with universal moral principles. In a well–applauded speech before a crowd that peaked at 250,000, de Venecia said that "understanding among the great religions and the great civilizations has become the only basis for global peace that will endure." The Speaker said the Interfaith Dialogue, a dialogue among the faiths, can take place based on one moral value and ethical standard that all could share "above and beyond their surface differences in dogmas, symbols, and rituals." The core of that global ethic can be found in the Golden Rule, "treat others as you would like to be treated." This principle he said has been suggested by the Catholic philosopher and theologian Hans Kung. "As the mother of ethics for the whole of humankind, this Golden Rule could therefore become the core of initial agreement around which interfaith dialogue in our time could build a thousand years of peace," de Venecia said. He said accepting the Golden Rule as the global ethic will "ensure that all our nations and all our faiths embrace pluralism in culture and in society." He said peace among the nations can never be achieved without peace among the religions. "So that we are called on to stimulate Interfaith Dialogue between the great religions," he told the peace rally, with the aim of "strengthening the forces of moderation in every society and isolating the extremists who advocate violence and terror." To carry this out the interfaith dialogue, he said, "we must mobilize churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques Buddhists, Confucians, Hindus, and Jews no less than Christians and Muslims." De Venecia, one of Asia′s leading parliamentarians and peace advocates, said East Asia nations are comparatively lucky, compared to many parts of Africa, Southern Europe, and West Asia that are beset with genocidal wars "set off by quarrels over ethnicity, religion, language, and raw material resources." These places include Angola, the Congo, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan Kosovo, Chechnya, Georgia, Azerbaijan Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Kashmir and Sri Lanka, he said. De Venecia added that some parts of the region are currently in the middle of some form of strife. "Muslims and Buddhists are killing each other in Southern Thailand; Christians and Muslims have been fighting in Eastern Indonesia; while soldiers brutalize Theravada monks marching against the military rulers of Burma," he said. The Philippines is also saddled with a separatist Muslim movement in portions of Mindanao and Sulu, and the terrorist Abu Sayyaf on Basilan Island, de Venecia said. Stressing the urgency of Interfaith Dialogue, de Venecia said the world′s people have depended on each other for their welfare. "From the treatment of HIVAIDS to the melting of the polar icecaps; from nuclear proliferation to environmental degradation; from income inequality to hunger in the midst of plenty; we are confronted with problems that we must deal with together," he said. "Because the social, ecological and moral problems we face are global in their implications, we must also ′globalize′ our moral values and ethical standards, if we are to deal adequately with them," he added. He said that the Federation′s teaching show that the present age of materialism "may soon yield to an age of spirituality to a new universal culture of unselfish service to others to a new universal culture of God centered families." "The Reverend Moon teaches that global peace begins simply and naturally with peace in the family," he said. "And harmony, peace, and happiness within the family begin with a relation to the Creator a relation similar to that of children to the parent. Hence the solution to world peace is to renew to re–establish and to re–strengthen the relationship between the Creator and each family."

Dr. Julia Kim thanks peace advocates

Manila-Dr. Julia Kim of the Universal Peace Federation-Asia stands as mother in welcoming all peace advocates and participants in the Global Peace Festival 2007 in Manila last December 11 to Decmber 13, 2007. The colorful reception was more graced by the presence of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, particlualrly their band-orchestra who offers colors, live music and march in the traditional welcoming of diplomats and VIP's in the country.
On the wreath-laying ceremony, the band offers gala and march music, and at the Quirino Grandstand, they provided prelude entertaining music to the arriving crowd. Together with the AFP band was the TUP band who glamorously played alternate music to all.

Dr. Julia Kim troops the line and honors the colors at the parade to the Quirino Grandstand prior to the main event of the Global Peace Festival.

It is noted that several years ago, Dr. Julia Kim hosted and was giving CAUSA seminar-lectures to the ranks and officers of the AFP promoting peaceful way in winning the enemies.

During the GPF parade and main event last December 12, 2007 , they once again yell for peace and join Dr. Hyun Jin Moon in declaring for "One Family under God".

Pres. Hyun Jin Moon lays wreath for Jose Rizal at Luneta

Manila-Patriotism as love of the country is a positive norm as a patriot is motivated to uphold peace, unity, orderliness and development for the land and the people. Dr. Jose Rizal emanates this norm when he peacefully campaign for sovereignty, democratic leadership and independence of the Philippines.

All these account are known by all Filipinos and the international community.

Last December 11, 2007 Pres. Hyun Jin Moon of the Universal Peace Federation offered flowers in the wreath-laying ceremony infront of Rizal's monument at Luneta Park in Manila. This depicts UPF honoring peaceful historical accounts that promote God-centered values. Pres. Moon was accompanied by his wife, Dr. Martin Luther King III and the Asian UPF Leaders including Rev and Mrs. Christopher B. W. and Julia Kim. The gala-uniformed band of the Armed Forces of the Philippines played and render beautiful music during the ceremony.

Peace advocates from various sectors youth, students, barangay leaders, educators, governemnt and non-govenment leaders join the crowd as they offer to release white balloons symbolizing their support and to promote eternal peace and unity for Philippines and the whole world.

Ex-Sen. Joey Lina accepts UPF recognition as AFP

Manila- The former senator of the Philippines Joey Lina is presently the president of the famous Manila Hotel. His political experiences is an added color to his academic and professional background from the Marcos era to the present. His expertise in good governance credits him as one of the the experts who gave lectures to government and non-government leaders and academicians during the International Leadership Conference held at the Manila Hotel last December 11, 2007.
Pres. Hyun Jin Moon of UPF and his wife, Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, Dr. Thomas Walsh recognized and awarded Manila Hotel President Joey Lina as one of the Ambassadors for Peace during the Global Peace Festival last Dc ember 12, 2007 at the Quirino grandstand at Rizal Park in Manila. Pres. Lina receives it with honor and dignity knowing the big responsibility to promote and maintain as peace advocate of the land.

Rev. Kim reports GPF Manila to TP at East Garden

East Garden- Rev. Dr. Christopher B.W. Kim, Continental Director of UPF Asia reported to True Parents and world UPF leaders last December 14, 2007 at East Garden the recently conducted Global Peace Festival in Manila.

Rev. Kim shows a sample of national dailies which features the grand festival hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Hyun Jin Moon accompanied by Dr. Martin Luther King III at the Quirino Grandstand at Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines last December 12.
True Parents are seen smiling and happy listening and watching the GPF report presented by Rev. Dr. Kim after the HDH. Most if not all UPF world leaders were impressed on the succesful event. Rev. Michael Jenkins of UPF USA in his lettter to US Peace Ambassadors called the GPF Manila as a model in organizing and conducting GPF in USA and other countries as well.

Manny Pacquiao yells "One Family under God"

Manila-Crime rate drops whenever this sportsman-boxer from the Philippines have a scheduled boxing tournament. His trademark is his rosary and his faith to start and end his game with the sign of the cross. He offered a world-class boxing gym to train interested Filipino youth in the field of boxing sports. All these helped him stand as a man of pride and peace amidst his less formal education from the south. He is loved by all Filipinos. He joins the peace campaign and yell "One Family under God" with peace campaigner Dr. Hyun Jin Moon of the Universal Peace Federation embracing him. The pride of the Filipinos, peace advocate Manny Pacquiao!!!!!

Manny Pacquiao delighted with his presence the Global Peace Festival last December 12,2007 at the Quirino Grandstand. He boosts the campaign for peace in the land. He holds his candle and light it for peace and harmony, as people from all walks of life glorify God to bless more the people with peace, harmony and understanding among humanity irregardless of their faith, political colors, sex, status and ethnicity.

Para sa kapayapaan at pagkakaisa ng bayan, Manny commits to UPF as he was invited to take part in the Global Peace Festival.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Gov. Fernando of MMDA receives AFP award

Manila-Gov. Bayani Fernando of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) receives the Ambassador for Peace Award from Pres. Hyun Jin Moon and his wife Jun Sook Moon of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). Gov. Fernando is a known administrator and once a mayor of Marikina whose legacy shines on orderliness and harmony between man and creations or nature.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, chairman of UPF and Dr. Thomas Walsh together with Rev. Byung Wooh Kim offered the award. Gov. Bayani receives it with honor as he knows the big responsibility to uphold peace, harmony and unity between man and creations and among humanity.

The awarding was done at the Quirino grandstand at Rizal Park of Manila last December 12, 2007 after Dr. Hyun Jin Moon delivered his warm and life inspiring messages of peace and unity with the theme, "One Family under God".

Robin Padilla accepts AFP award and responsibility

Manila- The muslim youth headed by the famous actor Robin Padilla joined the Global Peace Festival among the many young and experienced great leaders in the Philippines and the world.

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon and his wife Jun Sook Nim together with Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, Dr. Thomas Walsh and Rev. B.W. Kim offer the Peace Ambassador Award to Robin Padilla as he accepts it with responsibility to promote peace and harmony in the land.

Robin Padilla is known as a muslim convert during his incarceration which made him more vertical and faithful in his spiritual life and youth leadership after his release. He now leads the muslim youth as part of his commitment for youth, peace and development.

The "Grandma" behind GPF Manila

Post evaluation after the Global Peace Festival in Manila gives a time for all committees to look on their footsteps. Some huge or very small but relevant point is as important as the whole of GPF masterpiece! Nonetheless, evaluation is always part of management even though the event is done well.
Dr. Hyun Jin Moon including his wife was inspired to observe sideline matters in his GPF visit in Manila. One that inspires Dr. Moon was the security that surrounds and guides them from airport to GPF and back to airport during the entire period. They both feel they were like prime ministers being coordinated in all walks from the hotel to the lobby to the hall to the streets they all pass, people acknowledge and give them a way.
Eventually, Dr. Moon saw an old woman who works so hard for the VVIP's and their meeting with Pres. GMA. This old but rejuvenating woman is no other than USec. Josephine Dominguez based in the Office of the Secretary on Presidential Adviser for Political Affairs in Malacanang. She is a woman from Mt. Province with open and broad-mindedness for the providence of the Philippines and the international.
Filipinos and the members respect to call her Usec if not Usec. Domiguez. But no other than Pres. Hyun Jin Moon called her "grandma" knowing all her efforts and attendance not only to him or the GPF but since she have been connected and educated on the providence.
She was the woman behind the approval on the use of the Quirino Grandstand although it was already closed for renovation before the scheduled December 12 main event. She was the woman behind the approval of the papers for GMA to share her message thru her daughter Luli. She was the woman behind to recover the lost documents for the GPF in Malacanang. She was the woman behind the rush papers address to PGMA. She was the woman behind the silent visit of the president to meet Dr. Moon, Dr. King and Mayor Lim behind the stage and at the greenroom at Manila Hotel.
This woman I first encountered during the 1st IPEC at the Universidad de Manila last 2006 was just humble looking always with her cultural vest. I got a short chance to personally talked to her last August 2007 when she visited HQ by herself, although there was nothing special on that occasion. She was just motherly to look on the smooth flow and coordination of big people to our leaders and the various activities.
To the "grandma" of Pres. Hyun JIn Moon, our clap and admiration to the restless woman from the 3rd floor Mt. Province, USec Josephine Dominguez!!! Mabuhay po kayo Madame Dominguez at maraming salamat sa inyong walang sawang pakikipagkaisa para sa kapakanan ng probidensiya at ng sambayanan!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Invisible and visible man

Can you see what a man is thinking in his mind?
Man has mind and body. His physical body is substantial and visible. You can see how tall one is, how heavy or light he is, if he or she is handsome or beautiful, fat or slim, and the like.
The way man cloth or dress himself may show or describe his form and style, perhaps his personality as well. But how about man's mind? Can you see man's mind?
The picture on the side is like fooprints in the sand. These are shadows in the sand. But on what is the picture of man's face, this is just drawn. One maybe sad, one maybe happy, but we don't exactly know.
In like manner, even if you see the face of a man, what is in his mind is not seen but invisible to your eyes.
Hence, man is composed of visible and invisible beings.
You may see him physically as a man or woman. But you will be surprised one day that he is but gay. Have you heard Judie Foster who just reveal her personality as a lesbian with a 19-year of relationship with a female film producer?
Well, man shapes his life. It is up to him if he includes his Origin or Creator in his life. That is his free-will in this democratic world.
When I push my kids to study and they complain on the difficulty they have in their homeworks, I need to refresh them again and again that they have to be patient on it, slow down but continue as it if for their own life and future. That when they go to high school and they still dont know much of the kanji, then they will be left behind. This educational shaping may not be seen in their physical body directly. But to mold and educate them, will help them coordinate their mind and body.
Once they one has enough education, value-formation, I think the way his body moves and his actions will manifest what is there in his invisible mind.
The picture above is only a literal shaping of the face of the persons' shadows. But man should reflect the real he or she in his own image and likeness. This is also called personality development of a person.
A little discussion for the day and reflection from the nice picture.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Negligence Resulting to Homicide

When Tatay Florencio was hit by a trycicle last November 26, 2007 the accident seemed so heavy that caused the lost of tatay's life. Imagine a Philippine-made tricycle! An ordinary man can even carry that, push that alone! It is not so heavy to take one's life. Or maybe the drive was too fast/speedy! Even then, the victim perhaps could survive that bump.

But the tricycle-accident that bumped tatay did not end there.

When tatay was hit by the tricycle, he was bumped and pushed by the tricycle to land to a telephone-company-made canal, digged for their expansion project at that streetside infront of tatay's house-gate. So, you can imagine tatay got two accidents, bumped by a tricycle and fell down to that digged, uncovered canal unconsciously.

The accident happen at night, around or past 8:00 pm. The street lights are gone! The digged canal was uncovered!

The tricycle driver who made a hit-and run surrendered days after tatay died. Four days after tatay was buried, the Office of the Provincial Board summon the boss of the telephone company and the family of Tatay Florencio. The meeting was presided by the vice governor. And only after that time when the vice governor warned the telephone company during the meeting, that a representative of the telephone company went to visit the Sanchez residence to offer their assistance.

As a company, don't they have safety measures in implementing their projects? During fieldworks, dont they have safety nets? Don't they have precautionary lights, road signs, covers, and other precautionary materials for the safety of the passing pedestrians as well as to precaution the drivers to slowdown, particularly that they are along the sidestreets used as pedestrian way?

The company looks to have neglected this aspect that caused the loss of life. And this is a crime!!!!!

As the company did not bother even to offer a flower or visit to condole the family during their time of grief, the company looked unethical, immoral and non-socially inclined company! Maybe they don't have PR department!

The representatives asked how much they can assist to the family after the warning was given by the vice governor! What do they mean? Is tatay an item being sold to them? Woo to that man who doesn't value life but views materially!!

There were grievances,! The lifetime presence of tatay was lost! His supervision to the Fil Vision Trading and the hollow blocks production are lost. His delicious and my favorite dishes in his carenderia are lost. Mother lost her lifetime partner. My friends and I lost our loving tatay! We and the neighbors lost a friend because of this negligence of a telephone company and risklessness of a trycicle driver!

The accident did not end there!

Mother and brother Felix have to battle their blood pressures in the hospital as a domino effect of what happen to tatay! They were admitted to the hospital. Gosh! The just visited daughter from USA of tatay have to come back again and spend dollars for their fare. Hospital bills, funeral bills, vigil expenses, electrical bills, telephone bills doubled, tripled or more! That is just material to value. But life cannot be bought!

Fr. Orbos said in his homily and I quote, "Repentance is not enough. We can say “sorry” and be forgiven again and again, but “sorry” without sincerity and without humility is empty. Likewise, “sorry” without resolve, without reparation, and without true contrition is mere lip service. If truly sorry, then, the Gospel on Sunday says: “Produce good fruits as evidence of your repentance.”

One fruit of evidence of repentance that the telephone company can do is to implement effective safety measures i n their project, in the fields and to their workers as well. Do they use head gears? working rubber boots, etc? There must be signal lights and road signs and covers to their diggings along the road to precaution drivers and passers-by. These and other safety measures will reflect that they were sorry to the previous negligence! In business there is a term indemnity. They know that!

Dont ask how much!!!! We are not selling a piece of human-meat! Do you understand???

Compute how much the family have spent from the hospital bills (not only of tatay but the admittance of Nanay Betty and brother Felix), the electric bills, the lost in the two stores, the telephone bills, the plane tickets and other transportation expenses. And these are not enough! The lifetime services of tataty not only as cook, supervisor but as a husband to mother, as father to his children, as friend to his neighbors and all. You cannot sum it all!

You want an amicable settlement Mr. Company? Be a man of heart and a man of peace! Improve the safety measures of your company and be socially committed for life, peace and love to humanity and not only focus to profit and material value!

May your conscience allow you to rest! God bless you all!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sa Likod ng pinilakang tabing (Behind the curtain)

Matapos ang mahabang prosesyon sa simbahan din ang tuloy. Plano-han, handaan, pag-iimbita, ag pag-ganap sa kapita-pitagang GPF, ang lahat ng tagumpay ay iniaalay sa Panginoong Ama. Salamat sa mga nagsipagdalo. Salamat sa mga panauhing pandangal, kay Pres. Hyun Jin Moon, kay Dr. King III at iba pa galing sa international at sa nasyonal leybel.

Sa mga ehekotibong siyang nagdala sa makulay at matagumpay na GPF 2007, sa board of organizers mula sa kataas-taasang komite, kina Dr and Mrs Kim, kina Mr. Aya Goto, kay Pres. Michael Zablan at ang kanyang mga estaf, ang aming taos-pusong pagpapasalamat sa inyong matagumpay na serbisyong totoo. Congratulations to all!

Sa mga taong nasa likuran ng puting tabing, marami lang pong di nakikita sa entablado, na dapat din lang palakpakan din ng madlang pipol. Nawa'y maisulat ko sila isa't-isa:

Pisikal in-tsards- mga tagabuhat ng mga libu-libong upuan. Isipin mong magbuhat ka ng 250,000 na upuan mula sa pinagrentahan puntang Quirino grandstand at pagbalik gn mga eto!! Hosme. Talo ata ang prosisyon ni Hesus daladala ang krus! Mga tagabuhat at taga arrange ng bangko, upuan, panday ng entablado at ibapa, mabuhay kayong lahat!!! Palakpak puso ko para sa kanila!!!!

Sa light-and-sound system naman. Eh kung, maputol ba o mawalan bigla ng kuryente ang sounds o ilaw sa gitna ng rally, anong mangyari? Mag black-out bigla at magpanic ang 250,000 katao! Anong mangyari? Malaking bagay at impotansiya ang kanilang pag meynten sa sounds, kuryente at teknikal na bagay! Kailangang eksperto ka talaga diyan! Mga taga sounds department, maraming salamat opo sa inyong nakakakuryenteng serbisyong totoo!!!! Salamat po sa inyong walang patid na serbisyo! Mabuhay kayong lahat!

Sa parada, ginisang mabuti ng mga pulis trapiko mula pa sa pagplano hanggang sa kahuli-hulihang nag martsa ang security komite. Buti na lang magkapatid ang mga Metro pulis, ang ROTC volunteers, nga barangay volunteers, ang mga martial artists galing sa Martial arts Federation for World Peace, at ang mga taga AFP din. Pasensiya po sa mga na apektahan sa parada, para sa kapayapaan din lang po ng lahat ang pinagwawagayway at sinisigaw ng mga nagmartsa. Sa mga naging trapikman, nabilad po sila sa araw, nauhaw, at naipit-ipit din sa dami ng mga tao, dami ng mga sasakyang gagarahe, at iba pa! Salamat po sa taos-puso ninyong paglilingkod. Wag po sana kayong magsawa kung para rin lang sa lahat at sa kapayapaan! Sa Crowd-control, security, transportation at iba pa, mula sa aming puso, bow kami sa inyong lahat!

Sa mga naatasan sa imbitasyon, sa PR (galing-glaling at guapo nyo pala sa TV at radio pala) at mobilisasyon, malawak na responsibilidad ang binalikat ninyo ilang buwan sa daan, sa paaralan, kolehiyo, unibersidad, sa mga barangay, sa city hall, at iba pa. Magastos, nakakapagod, init-ulan walang mintis, tuloy ang imbitasyon. Sa mga naki coordinate sa NSTP, sa coastal-cleaning, sa BKKB, sa DepEd at Ched, sa Manila Hotel, at iba pa, ang dami... hosme.... sangkaterbang i- organize mo ang mga eto. Kaya ko kayo yon? parang praktikal na rosaryohang trabaho talaga! Wala pang sueldo, boluntaryo lang! Wow!!!!! Pusong totoo! Magserbisyo para sa kapayapaan. Mag-imbita at maraming beses pang naiindyan ng target o nasasapawan ngibang apoyntment!! Waaahhh! Grabeng puso nila! Mabuhay po kayong lahat! Dumami pa sana ang inyong lahi!!!!

Anong tawag sa mga nakikipagnegosasyon sa mga conference halls, at rooms ng mga gaganaping conferences, tulugan ng mga bisita? Sigurado, hindi hotel or hall ang naging problema nila kundi pera!!! Magdownpayment ka ng maaga at kung hindi, sisibakin nila ang reserbesyon ng mga halls, rooms na gagamitin! Hihingi ka ng pera sa ingat-yaman. Di ka mabibgyan dahil tipid at kulang ang mga donasyon! Saan ka hahanap ng pangbayad mo ngayon? Hmmm, kelangan mo ang koneksyon sa mga meron! Di naman puedeng sa mga bank robbers!! Ehe. Joke lang po! Pero kung sasabihan ka ba ng ingat-yaman na self-help ang budget ng mga ibat-ibang conferences, ibig sabihin, kung conference ng students yon, WCARP ang magbayad, kung sa teachers, PTARP ang magbayad, kung sa good governance ang Barangay Fed ang magbayad!! Naks!!! Eh saan kukuha ng pambayad? Hosmeng langit naman!!!! Kanya-kanyang panreysing ba naman! Sa mga nabigyan ng ala-pinatubong problema, natapos na ang conferences at rally, bayaran tapos di pa!!! Naku, sinong igigisa??? Mga tagabayad ng libo-libong dolyares, naway tulungan pa kayo ng mga mahabaging langit at may puso!!! Kaya mo yan igan!! Ilang taon lang naman sa presohan! Ehe!! Wag naman! Palakpakan natin ang mga utang-ers, ehe, sila mga igan!!!!

Alam nyo ba na ang pinakamalaking intriga sa sekyuriti ay di lamang ang seguridad ng panauhing pandangal? May isang panauhin na dumating at kasama sa plano. Di lang siya binanggit sa mga imbitasyon at sa mga PR at papeles dahil sa kanyang security. Kapatid lang ba naman ng presidente ng Amerika ang taong eto! At sino ang in-charge sa siguridad ng mga bisita? Hmmm!! Madugo ang laban dyan! At dati na ngang kalbo ang in-charge dito, kinalbo pa sa binigay na katungkulan! Mga kasama nya, walang baril , walang bala! Suntok, sipa at mata lamang ang batuta nila! SantaBarbara de barbaridad ka! E kung matunugan ka? Isang bala ka lang! Purgatoryo ka na! Sumalangit nawa ang kanilang... hoy!!!!!! Buhay sila! Kompleto silang lahat! Tagumpay ang mala si-ay-E-hang intelidyens pors nila!!!! Wowww!!!!!!! Galing talaga ng Pinoy!!! Kalbo, bilib kami sa grupo mo! Saludo po kaming lahat ! Baw!!!!!!

Kodakers sila! Taga-dokumento ng kasaysayan! Kelangan di nila palampasin ang mga senaryong tila paru-parung bukid na huhulihin nila sa kamaynilaan! Tulis ng mata, di-naginginig na mga daliri't kamay! Siksikan, mauntog man, wag lang ang kamerang daladala. Mahal yan igan!!! At kung maleyt ka man, mai-request mo ba sa panauhing pandangal at sabihing, "sir, paki ulit at kokodakan kita muli"? Ano teyk tu! Buhusan kaya kita ng mainit na kape!!! Taga record, taga dokumneto, taga piktyur o kodaker! nawa'y nagampanan ninyo ng walang patid ang inyong sensitibong misyon! Maraming salamat po sa serbisyo publiko ninyo!

At oo nga rin pala! Nag TV broadcast nga pala ang isang TV station! Anong production ba yon? Di sila naningil, kasi alam nilang walang budget at bad-dyet talaga; puro volunteer services ang GPF. At ang mga entertainers din tulad nina Pops Fernandez at JayR at iba pa, maraming salamat po sa pakikiadhika nyo sa GPF. Sino bang kumontak sa kanila? Hmmmm ... tila si dabyana na naman ata dito! Para sa kapayapaan, serbisyong publiko di man bayaran! Bayanihan ang ugat at nakasulat yan sa kasaysayan! Salamat po sa inyong lahat! maligayang pasko na rin po sa grupo ni dabyanang sikat!!!

May isang grupo sa attendance. Sila ay mga nanay-publiko na syang naging nanny ng mga panauhing pandangal at mga international guests din! Marami ba naman sila. Kelangan, serbisyong di lang Pinoy, kundi standard ng langit ang attendace sa mga bisita!Naku, di ko kaya yan! Mga nar-es at weyt-ress ata ang maganda dyan! Hoyyyy!!! taong may puso, damdamin, dangal at listo ang mga naka asayn doon! Mga nanay na tooto ang mga yon! Serbisyong sila muna bago ikaw ang kanila! Ala-langit ang mga kailangang sitwasyon doon ng di magambala ang pag-iisp ng mga bisita para sa ikabubuti ng kanilang misyon at pakikipag-ugnayan sa lahat ng kanilang misyon sa GPF at lahat na! Ikaw nga doon kung kaya mo yon! Nanay Dulce mga kasama nyo pati na sa registration, taga sablay ng bulaklak, taga salubong mula airport hanggang paglipad balik, pa-bless po! Salamat po sa serbisyong makalangit po! Nawa'y matikman po namin din yon. ehe. dyoks lang po! Congratulations po sa grupo nyo!

Papano yong mga naiwang mga basura, litters at iba pa? May taga-pulot po, mga basurerong tulad ko. Ganda nga lang ng name ng team nila, waste management! Naks, talo ang payatas! Wag pong magtaka kung di pa sila nakauwi until now. Nagawawalis at naglilinis pa po sila sa Luneta, Quirino grandstand at Manila Hotel (kasali pa ba doon?). Yong mga portalets po ba sa inyo din? Ngeeee!!! May pera po sa basura mga dears! Ingat lang po sa mga bakters dyaan! Palakpakan naman natin silang mga Global Aids for Peace! Bakit? Metro aids lang ba ang alam nyo? Basurero man, pang world-class naman sila kaya Global aids at di metro-aids! Salamat po mula sa puso!

May taga gawa ng flyers, may taga design ng banners at streamers, may taga record sa u-tube at intl communications, taga gawa ng program, yong sekretaryat lalong pumayat, may taga-distribute ng kandila kahit tapos na ang Nov 1, medical aids, taga wagayway ng banderas (sakit sa balikat yon)... hmmmmm ang dami pa! Di man masabi kung ano ang mga pagsasakripisyo nyo pong lahat, arigato guzaimasu!!!!

May food preparation team din, Naku! Eto ang pinakadelikado! Pagmahuli ka, hay-blad ang magutuman! Pag-nagapang at naunahan ng pusang 2 ang paa, naku, sira ang bilangan! Nawa'y may natira pa po, puedeng humirit! Sarap ng serbis at pods nyo po! Salamat din po sa inyong mala ajinomotong sarapods!

Sa mga galing probinsiya, ang mga delegasyones nila, kailangan mamasahe at mag register plus yong center nila din dapat bayaran buwan-buwan. Laki din ng nadale sa pinansyal nila. Kaya lahat talaga higpitan ng sinturon! Ganoon pa man, biyahe sila, gastos ng pamasahe, panresingan, para makipag pis-pisan sa quirino grandstan! Di po nalilimutan ang mga malaking sakripisyo ng mga provincial centers at regions po! Nawa'y maka panreys pa rin po kayo ng malaki bago ang uwian! Ingat po sa biyahe at salamat po sa inyong pagdalo't sakripisyong totoo!

Drayber nga lang, pero ikaw nga kung kaya mo bang mag drayb ng 48 oras na walang tulugan! Aba! Wag namang ganyanan! Banggaan ang kahihinatnan! Pero, totoo po, halos minutos na lang ang tulog nga mga drayber dito at drayber dyan! Di lang si Doms, si Ruben, si Joven si... silang lahat.. pati na ang alternate draybers nila. Kasali na yong mga galing din sa malalayong lugar. Mga drivers, wag lang maki-text-text habang nag drayb ano po! Pakidilat lang po ang mga mata kahit natutulog habang nag drayb! Ngeee!!!!! Salamat po sa ala-milagrong pakikipagsagupaan nyo sa oras ng mga ebents at playt ng mga bisitas! Nawa po'y walang nagyaring sakuna! Salamat po sa inyong tagumpay na pag drive sa lahat!

Eto po, medyo madugo! kailangan kasi, wag nang mamalengke, wag ng bumili ng gamot, wag ng kumain ng sobra isang ulam para makaipon ng pangdonasyon para sa pis rali! Nagku-kuriputan ang mga mag-asawa dahil nga kelangan may pang rehistro at pang donasyon sa ginawang GPF. Ang iba, lalo na ang mga nasa malayo at ibang bansa, ninais na nilang makapagpadala ng donasyon kesa ipamasahe nila o ibili ng mamahaling tiket dolyares. Di na sila nakapanood, di na sila nakakain ng maayos, basta may pang donasyon na rin para sa kapayapaan! Mga mag-asawa at nagsakripisyo para sa mundong kapayapaan, maraming,maraming saalamat po sa inyong sakripisyo. Nawa'y basbasan pa po kayo ng ating mahal na Panginoon po! Palakpakan natin ang mga donors! Naman, naman, naman!!!!
Sa inyong website po sa may ginawang random na running updates habang ginaganap ang parada at ang main event sa Quirino grnadstand. Biruin mo bang nasa Japan ka at ang ikokober mong ebent e nasa Manila. Mas grabe pa na ang situationers na nagbibgay sa iyo ng updates e nasa Dubai, Middle East, sa Fokouka ng Southern Japan. Buti na lang at may mga peace advocates galing Bantayan, Cebu si Genny Caranzo at Santillan tribe, at isang galing La Union si Peace Ambassador Felix Sanchez. Sila ang nagbigay ng mga situations, at mga pangyayari sa Kamaynilaan habang ginaganap ang GPF peace rally. Salamat sa IT, sa internet, sa cellphones, sa chikka at yahoo. Mabuhay po kayong lahat mga dakilang reporters ng langit!!!! Dahil sa inyo, nabiyayaan ang mga nasa mamalayong lugar tulad ng Africa, sa Chad, sa India, sa Pune, Amerika, Japan, Korea at ibang sakop ng daigdig! Peace to all of you men!

At sa lahat na nakikipag tuwaran, nakikipag tilian, nakipag dasalan, bidyelan, kantahan at basahan para sa pakikipag-isa ang mundong spiritual at pisikal, magkaisa para sa maging matagumpay na GPF sa Manila, maraming samalat po! Nangyari at natupad ang dalangin ninyo, nating lahat!

Nasa likuran ng kurtina o tabing man po kayong lahat, kayo po ang mga makinaryang nagpalakad sa naging matagumpay na Global Peace Festival 2007!

Sa dakilang True Parents, True Family at mga UPF leaders galing sa iba-ibang lupalop ng daigdig, Eog Mansie!

Basbasan nawa po kayo ng ating Poong Maykapal at Dakilang mga Magulang.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hyun Jin Nim arrives in Manila for Global Peace

Manila- Pres Hyun Jin Moon of the Universal Peace Fedaration and president of the Service for Peace International arrives in Manila. Together with him is a well-known peace advocate Dr. Martin Luther King III who will also speak in the Global Peace Festival main event at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on December 12, 2007.

The peace federation which has several affiliate groups in the Philippines launched yesterday the International Leadership Conference (ILC) at Manila Hotel with former Senator Joey Lina who scholarly talked on good governance. Together with him were Dr. Michael G. Zablan and Dr. Edgar Tarnate who developed their papers on a model barangay that fit the audience of barangay chairmen, mayors, councilors and community leaders. The gala conference was later hosted during the day by the UPF chairman Dr. Hyun Jin Moon.

Simultaneous with the ILC conference, a separate International Professors' Educational Conference or IPEC also started convening yesterday with hundreds of teachers, professors and educators from various colleges and universities in the country and abroad. Dr. Salvador of TUP hosted the educators together with several DepEd and CHED directors.

Towards Quirino grandstand in Manila, thousands of families, students, government, non-govenrment and religious leaders, TV and sports personalities and other peace advocates are marching in a parade that features the cross-cultural families and communities depecting ideals of one family under God which also serves as the theme of the main event.

The president of the Philippines Pres. Gloria Arroyo, and the Speaker of the House Jose de Venecia are expected to grace the affair after the peace parade and join Dr. King and Pres Hyun Jin Moon in giving their keynote address.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My first teacher

It was on the eve of Valentine's day in 1962 that my first teacher robed me in white on my "graduation" from the womb-school. In fact, my sole class (womb) mate marched first ahead of me.

We were declared identical twin graduates from a mother's womb, our first room to know and learn what is life and how it is related to love.
Aside from a womb and home teacher, Mamang was an elementary teacher, as my papang was an agriculture teacher in elementary and high schools. My mom preferred to teach in elementary although her master's degree and her being a Master Teacher holder would allow her to teach even in college or in a graduate school. She merely profess to teach children. On her later stage in teaching, she took the courage to initiate an educational program on special education for the "gifted children", children who have some physical impairments if not mental disadvantage and the like.
Last October 18, mamang celebrated her 74th birthday with some of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was honored by her neighbors and friends including an old but loyal family-friend from Manambulan, the family of Manang Coring Entero and her children, Ditha and others not to mention Noy Nestor and Nang Dolor.
I love to see the foods on the table.Wheeeewwww!!!!!! Lechon as the center piece and main dish! But I too am worried as our family is tainted wioth sticky hi-blood colestherol lineage. Genes as they say flow in us. Sakit ng mga royal blood! Tama ba yon?
After mamang triumphed to retire, she still manage to initiate her pledge and loyalty to the Miraculous Medal group where she succesfully witnessed to her neighbors and friends to put up their own chapel beside our family house. Thanks to the donors and advocates to the Miraculous medal and Mama Mary.
I hope mamang will go on more in her life with more on physical activities to help her manage her health and resistance building.
To mamang, merry christmas po. Nawa'y maligaya kayo sa pasko at si papang din sa kabilang mundo. Muuwaaahhh!!
(ps. ignore the date caption on the picture as the photographer forget to update his camera since it was purchased. huh!)